Library of Things

Library of Things

Have you discovered ALL your library has to offer? We have way more than just books to borrow! Our Library of Things collection has an amazing selection of unique items and resources that you can access for free with your library card. 

Bicycle Locks

Forgot your bicycle lock? No problem! Just ask one of our friendly staff for one to borrow while you visit any location.

How to borrow:
Bicycle locks can be borrowed for up to 4 hours per day and are available at the service desk.

How to return:
Bicycle locks can be returned to any location service point during our hours of operation.  While we no longer have late fees, if the item is damaged or lost a replacement fee will be charged to the borrower's account. 

Bicycle Lock

Birdwatching Kits

Are you curious about the birds that call Barrie home?  Wonder who it is that’s visiting your backyard bird feeder and want to see who else lives in our surrounding woods? Take your first step into the world of birding by checking out a Birdwatching Kit from the library! 

Each Birdwatching Kit includes:

  • Pair of binoculars
  • Book for bird identification and information
  • Folded pocket guide for quick reference
  • Shared journal to log bird sightings
  • Simcoe County Trails guide book
  • Backpack
  • Links to online resources and guides

Learn more about borrowing Birdwatching Kits.

Car Diagnostics Reader

Did the check engine light turn on? Do you know there’s something wrong, but you have no idea what?  Figure out what is going on with your vehicle or check the health of your battery using a Car Diagnostic Reader from the library.

Learn more about our Car Diagnostics Reader

C-PEN ReaderPens

The C-PEN ReaderPen is designed to assist those with reading challenges such as dyslexia, or those learning to read in English, French or Spanish. Using an embedded camera, optical character recognition, and voice-to-text speech, you can scan the pages of a book and it will read out loud! Check out a ReaderPen from the library!

Learn more about borrowing a C-PEN ReaderPen.

C-PEN ReaderPen

Cognitive Care Kits

In partnership with the Alzheimer Society of Simcoe County, we have created a collection of Cognitive Care Kits for those living with dementia, Alzheimers, or those in need of cognitive support for other reasons.  Check out one of the Cognitive Care Kits from the library.

Each kit is designed to promote cognitive function through the use of games, puzzles, memory activities and sensory supports.  

There are two categories of kits:

  1. Early-Mid Stage (for those in the early stages of dementia or cognitive decline)
  2. Mid-Late Stage (for those in later stages of dementia or cognitive decline)

Learn more about our Cognitive Care Kits.

Disc Golf Set

Interested in trying Disc Golf? Get in the game with a Disc Golf Set from the library! 

Also known as frisbee golf, this game is played by throwing discs at a series of targets along a Disc Golf course. The rules of play are very similar to regular golf. Check out a Disc Golf Set from the library to try your hand at this fun and exciting sport.

Each Disc Golf Set includes:

  • 3 Discs: a putter, a midrange, and a driver
  • Instructions for playing the game, along with information about local Disc Golf courses and easy-to-use free app to keep score.

Learn more about our Disc Golf Sets

Fishing Rods & Tackle Boxes

Did you know library members can borrow a fishing rod and tackle box for free? Enjoy an adventure at Lake Simcoe this summer with a TackleShare Kit! 

This collection is available from May 1st through to October 31.

TackleShare logo


Make reading and learning fun with Launchpads

Launchpads are pre-loaded tablets with high-quality, ad-free content just for kids. Give them the freedom to explore a world of learning with apps, videos, storybooks, games and more!

Launchpad image

Light Therapy Lamps

Boost your energy and enhance your mood with the help of light therapy! Our collection of HappyLights are an ideal way to receive all of the positive effects that sunlight has when you’re stuck inside during the winter months.

Learn more about how to borrow HappyLights.

HappyLights Image

Musical Instruments

Our Musical Instrument Library includes guitars, keyboards, violins, viola, ukulele, and mandolin. We also have 'learn-to-play' books, DVDs and digital resources available to get you started. 

Ontario Parks Vehicle Permit

Get outside, explore our beautiful province, and learn more about the nature that surrounds us with our Ontario Parks Vehicle Permits! Permits allow park entry to any provincial park for one vehicle and its passengers for the day.

Sensory Support Kits

Developed by Autism Canada, Sensory Support Kits are designed to support those on the Autism Spectrum by offering a selection of sensory and tactile items for self-regulation, comfort and to stimulate learning. Check out a Sensory Support Kit from the library.

Kits include:

  • Noise reducing ear covers
  • Fidget items (cube, spinner, squishy ball, ball roller, liquid bubbler toy)
  • Tinted Safety glasses to help manage visual sensitivity

Learn more about our Sensory Support Kits and how to borrow.

Snowshoe Kit

Winter is best when you can get out and enjoy it! Planning a winter hike? Borrow a pair of snowshoes for free with your library card! 

This collection is available from December 1 until March 31 or as weather allows.  Check out a pair of Snowshoes to try out this traditional winter activity either on your own, with a friend, or with your family!

Snowshoe Kit


Interested in star gazing? Start looking to the sky by borrowing a Telescope Kit from the library! 

With our small planet surrounded by billions of stars, there are always new discoveries to be made.  See beyond what can be seen with the naked eye and start your adventure into astronomy.  Check out a Telescope Kit from the library to explore the skies.

Each Telescope Kit includes:

  • Portable Refractor Telescope (Celestron 80mm Travel Scope)
  • Backpack
  • 20mm and 10mm eyepieces
  • Adjustable height tripod and mount
  • Smartphone adapter
  • Instruction manual
  • Links to online resources and guides

Learn more about our Telescope Kits