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Discover new titles in our e-book and e-audiobook collections. Check-out, download and enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

What’s inside: e-books, e-audiobooks. A wide range of fiction and non-fiction. Borrow from Barrie Public Library’s own collection and those of many other libraries in Ontario.

Where to find: cloudLibrary website | Mobile App | Library online catalogue

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Devices: Can be read in a web browser, in a mobile app, or downloaded to a computer where you can copy to an e-reader.

CloudLibrary is our main provider of e-books and e-audiobooks. Barrie Public Library owns thousands of titles and you can also borrow from the online collections of many other Ontario libraries.

View our Featured shelves to see new or topical e-books. Browse titles by selecting topic or genre shelves to display. Or do a targeted search for a title or author.

Once checked out, e-books return themselves when they reach their due date. No more late books!

And if a popular title is being used by others, place a hold and get notified when it’s ready for you.

How can I read these books?  

Web Browser: You can use a web browser, like Chrome, Firefox or Edge to read any of our e-books or e-audiobooks on a home computer. For this option, you will need to be connected to the internet while reading.

Tablets & Phones: If you have a smartphone or tablet, such as an iPad, Android or Kindle Fire, install the cloudLibrary mobile app. This allows you to download a book and read it while you are offline.

e-Readers: If you have an e-reader, like a Kobo or some Nook readers, you can use them to read e-books from cloudLibrary.
Download the e-book to a computer, then copy it to your e-reader using the free Adobe Digital Editions software.

See our online guide to Downloading e-Books to Windows and Mac Computers.

Unfortunately, Kindle e-readers do not work with content from Canadian public libraries.

See the Read or Listen section in our Digital Library for more e-books & e-audiobooks:

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