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CloudLibrary is our main provider of eBooks and eAudiobooks. The Barrie Public Library owns thousands of titles and you can also borrow from the online collections of many other Ontario libraries! Check-out, download and enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

What’s inside: eBooks, eAudiobooks and eMagazines including a wide range of fiction and non-fiction. Borrow from Barrie Public Library’s own collection and those of many other libraries in Ontario.

Where to find: cloudLibrary website | Mobile App | Library online catalogue

Getting Started: Video Tutorial | Printable Getting Started Guides

Devices: Can be read in a web browser, in a mobile app, or downloaded to a computer where you can copy eBooks to an eReader.

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View our Featured shelves to see new or topical eBooks. Browse titles by selecting topic or genre shelves to display or do a targeted search for a title or author.

Once checked out, eBooks return themselves when they reach their due date. No more late books!

And if a popular title is being used by others, place a hold and get notified when it’s ready for you.

How can I read these books?  

Web Browser: You can use a web browser, like Chrome, Firefox or Edge to read any of our eBooks or eAudiobooks on a home computer. For this option, you will need to be connected to the internet while reading.

Tablets & Phones: If you have a smartphone or tablet, such as an iPad, Android or Kindle Fire, install the cloudLibrary mobile app. This allows you to download a book and read it while you are offline.

eReaders: If you have an eReader, like a Kobo or some Nook readers, you can use them to read eBooks from cloudLibrary.

Download the eBook to a computer, then copy it to your eReader using the free Adobe Digital Editions software.

See our online guide to Downloading eBooks to Windows and Mac Computers.

Unfortunately, Kindle eReaders do not work with content from Canadian public libraries.

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