Cognitive Care Kits

Cognitive Care Kits

In partnership with the Alzheimer Society of Simcoe County, we have created a collection of Cognitive Care Kits for those living with dementia or those in need of cognitive support.

Each kit is designed to promote cognitive function through the use of games, puzzles, memory activities and sensory supports.  

There are two categories of kits:

  1. Early-Mid Stage (for those in the early stages of dementia or cognitive decline)
  2. Mid-Late Stage (for those in later stages of dementia or cognitive decline)

Check out our catalogue myBPL for full content details and to place a hold.

Early-Mid Stage Kits

Artist Colouring sheets, pencil crayons, reusable water painting set, paint brushes, playdoh
Conversationalist Trivia cards, expression game, colouring sheets, pencil crayons, memory game
Game Lover Deck of cards, card game instructions, trivia game, bananagrams game, word searches, mazes 
Puzzle Lover Word scrambles, sudoku, puzzle (60 pcs), shapes puzzle, picture puzzle book

Mid-Late Stage Kits

Animal Lover Animal photo book, heads and tales game, animal snap cards, puzzle (13 pieces), magnets
Garden Lover Flower photo book, artificial flowers and ribbons (arranging bouquet), colouring sheets, pencil crayons, flower popper
Reminiscing Books: Memory Lane (decades), Classic Fashion, Classic TV, Classic Cars, colouring sheets, pencil crayons
Sensory Sensory snap, Gel marble maze, roll fidget widget, squishy ball, liquid motion bubbler, popper

How to borrow

Cognitive Care Kits can be borrowed for up to 3 weeks from our catalogue myBPL. You can place Cognitive Care Kits on hold and choose to pick them up at any Barrie Public Library location. Limit of two “Library of Things” items per card holder.

How to return

Cognitive Care Kits can be returned to any Barrie Public Library location during library hours of operation.  While we no longer have late fees, if the item is damaged or lost a replacement fee will be charged to the borrower's account.

Cognitive Care Kit - Artist