Visiting Library Service

Our Visiting Library Service offers free book delivery to individuals in Barrie that are unable to pick up library materials in person. Staff can recommend some great reads, or assist you in requesting a specific title, then volunteers will provide drop-off to your door! 

You can use Visiting Library Service on a temporary basis or long term.  

How to Register

Fill out our New Client Intake Form below and one of our staff members will get back to you. Questions? Call us at 705-728-1010 or email us at

Visiting Library Service New Client Form

Personal Information

If address is a LTC/retirement community, please indicate unit/room number and buzz code.

Emergency Contact
Consent to Disclose Library Account Information

The emergency contact listed on this form has permission to change information on my account (address, phone number, etc.) and the Barrie Public Library may disclose my account information to them. My emergency contact also has full access to pick up/drop off my library items.

Reading Preferences

Clients may select more than one option


If selecting DAISY:


Notes and Preferences

Include any relevant reading preferences below, including favourite authors, subjects, or books, dislikes, etc.


VLS Eligibility

A person may be eligible for VLS if they meet one or more of the following conditions:

  • They are not able to leave their home address or senior’s residence without assistance
  • They are confined to their home due to temporary immobilization because of accident, illness, or surgery
  • They are confined to their home seasonally (winter conditions)
  • They are the parents of multiples (eligible for up to one year of service)
  • They are the primary caregiver of a physically or mentally challenged person or a critically ill individual and are therefore unable to leave their home
  • They are physically unable to choose and/or transport library materials

Applications will be reviewed by library staff. VLS Patrons must have a Barrie Public Library Membership.

Note: The Library reserves the right to discontinue VLS at any time for any reason. VLS deliveries are always contingent on the availability of volunteers.