Ghost Hunting Kits

Have you ever wondered about the things that go bump in the night?  Or maybe the ones that say “Boo!”?  For those who are curious about the paranormal – whether looking to prove or disprove - check out a Ghost Hunting Kit from the library today! 

Each Ghost Hunting Kit includes:

  • Electromagnetic Radiation Tester (EMF Reader)
  • Digital Voice Recorder
  • Mini-Body Video Camera with Night Vision
  • Shared Ghost Hunting Journal

Take your paranormal investigation to new heights with a Ghost Hunting Kit - complete with an EMF reader to test whether the chills running down your spine are caused by the fantastical or just some devices emitting strong electromagnetic fields, a Digital Voice Recorder to capture EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), and an Infra-Red Video Camera to catch footage while the lights are out! Log any spectral sightings in the Ghost Hunting Journal to share your discoveries with other curious minds!

Ghost Hunting Rules:

  1. Always be respectful
  2. Never trespass
  3. Transfer your digital files to a personal computer or device to save your data
  4. Erase files off devices before returning kit

How to Borrow 

Ghost Hunting Kits can be borrowed for up to one week. Limit of two “Library of Things” items per card holder. You can place Ghost Hunting Kits on hold and choose to pick them up at any Barrie Public Library location

How to Return 

Ghost Hunting Kits can be returned to any Barrie Public Library location during library hours of operation. While we no longer have late fees, if the item is damaged or lost a replacement fee of $139 will be charged to the borrower's account. 

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