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Ari Aster

Monami Ghosh, Grade 11

I give this a 2 out of 5

Midsommar is a movie about a couple (Dani Ardor and Jack Reynor) who travel to Sweden to visit their friend and attend a cultural/traditional festival that is being held there. But the festival does not turn out to be at all what they expected as they encounter unexpected situations and fall in between a cult.

            I personally think that this movie was very confusing to understand. Nothing is really explained to the audience, the events just happen one after another without having an explanation for it or a reason. The ending was also unexplained and we don’t ever get to know why she chose to do what she did and what the result of it was and what led up to her making the decision. One thing that was really nice about this movie was the cinematography and the camera work. The lighting, angles, and color pattern are so pretty in this movie. The visuals really bring everything to life and give you a very real-life feeling to it so that was really nice to experience.

            I think people who like eerie content and content that is unsettling would like this movie. This movie is horror without being horror and I think that is pretty cool so I would recommend this movie to people who are looking for something that is intriguing and mind-twisting





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