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It Follows

David Robert Mitchell

Monami Ghosh, Grade 11

I give this movie a 1.5 out of 5

            It follows is a movie about how a curse has to be passed down from people to people like a disease and whoever has it, they have to pass it down to someone else. The name “It follows” is because the demon follows you when you have the curse. When the main character, Jay, gets the curse passed down to her, she starts seeing things and gets haunted and no one seems to believe her when she tells them about it. She then somehow needs to figure out how she is going to prove to everyone that she is being possessed and needs to pass it down to someone else.

            I personally did not like this movie at all, I had high hopes for it as it seemed to be interesting and have an interesting plot but it was the exact opposite. The storyline was undeveloped and seemed to be an incomplete thought. The audience didn't really get an insight into the characters and didn't get to know them at all so there was nothing for the audience to relate to. The plot did not make sense at all and there was not really meaning to it at all. There was no reason why things were happening and most of the time the event before did not even correlate to the next. The movie had many places to be good, there were various scenes that it could have picked up from and could have become a very interesting movie that was worth watching but that moment never came, the climax or exciting event never really occurred.
            I would not really recommend this movie to anyone, as I personally did not like it, but people who like horror movies would enjoy this type of film. This movie includes a lot of possessions and demons and some jump scares once in a while so one who likes those elements could potentially enjoy this movie. 





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