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Late to the Party by Kelly Quindlen

October 24, 2021
Late to the Party by Kelly Quindlen Reviewed by: Olivia (Grade 9) Rating: 4/5  Late to the Party is a young adult fiction book about friendship and the expectations that come with being a teenager. The story is told from the perspective of a...

A Cat in Paris By Alain Gagnol & Jean-Loup Felicioli 

October 22, 2021

A Cat in Paris is an interpretive children's movie mainly focused on the adventures of a little girl and her cat. The girl lives in a household with her mother, who is a superintendent at a police junction, her nanny, and her cat. Frequently, the cat leaves the household at night to join a local jewel thief on his expeditions outside. One night, the girl decides to leave the household and follow her cat, which leads her to discover the house of the said thief. In the midst of exploring, she accidentally stumbles into the plans of a group of gangsters, which were the same ones who killed her father. It is also revealed that the nanny is a part of this gang. They proceed to chase her down for the remainder of the movie. The local jewel thief finds out about this and begins to help the girl escape from the gang, however he gets arrested later on and is unable to protect the girl from being kidnapped. Soon after, he escapes the police, rescues the girl, and flees from the mobster that is chasing him. He is forgiven for his crimes of being a jewel thief, and he and the girl's mother get on friendly terms. 

My Review: I found the art style of this movie to be quite interesting and captivating, and the shifting perspectives and interpretive lines really integrated into the theme of it. However, I did not find the plot to be exactly interesting. However gruesome the themes are on a deeper level, the target audience for this film was likely directed towards children of a younger character. I doubt that there is any depth or meaning to the plot besides what is originally presented, however I still believe that it is intended to be interpreted, not captivating.

The Wrong Family by Tarryn Fisher

September 24, 2021
The Wrong Family:  Tarryn Fisher Reviewed by Jessica, gr. 9 Rating:  4/5 Content Warning:  Murder, adult activity             Plot Summary:  Juno's an old, dying woman, who wanted...

Places No One Know by Brenna Yovanoff

September 24, 2021
Places No One Know by Brenna Yovanoff Reviewed by Jessica, gr. 9 Rating:  4/5 Content Warning:  Adult activity, substance use             Plot Summary:  Waverly doesn't sleep, so...

Regensis by Walters

September 24, 2021
RegenesisBy Eric WaltersReviewed by Zach, Grade 10Rating: 4\5Regenesis is the exciting sequel to End of Days by award winning author EricWalters.*Please see my review for End of Days first as there are spoilers in this review.*Regenesis begins where End...

End of Days

September 24, 2021

If you like reading a page-turning suspenseful pre-apocalyptic sci-fi novel about an asteroid hitting the Earth, then End of Days is the right novel for you. It is written by Canadian author...

Astroworld (Music)

September 13, 2021
My name is Emilio (Grade 10), and I would rate the album Astroworld a 4/5 because it takes an upbeat and psychedelic approach while maintaining excellent production and vocals. Travis Scott’s album, Astroworld, was distributed through three labels:...

Hollow Knight

September 13, 2021
My name is Emilio (Grade 10) and Hollow Knight is a 5/5 game because it fleshes out its combat, artwork, lore, and enemy variety to its maximum potential. It keeps you entertained and excited as it gives you the sense of progression to keep moving forward...

Sketches By Eric Walters

September 13, 2021
SketchesBy Eric WaltersReviewed by Zach, Grade 10Rating: 4\5Sketches, by award-winning Canadian author Eric Walters, is a standalone novelthat was published in 2007. I recently started reading some Eric Walters novels and thisone also did not...

High School Musical

September 13, 2021
High School Musical Directed by Kenny Ortega Sophie (Grade 9)   4/5   High School Musical is about high schoolers Troy and Gabriella, who both want to sing and dance in the school play but are held back by their friends and the pressure of...