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My name is Emilio and when it comes to Kirby and the Forgotten Land, I would rate the game a 4.5/5 as its beautiful atmosphere and entertaining gameplay hook you back for more playtime. Developed by HAL Laboratory, it is an action-adventure, platforming game and is the debut of the first mainline 3D Kirby game. The protagonist, Kirby, is placed into a forgotten area called the “New World” and has to rescue his Waddle Dee friends from the opposing “Beast Pack”. Kirby eventually saves a chinchilla-like creature named Elfilin and together they attempt to stop the evil forces from destroying the land. Throughout the game there is a graphical upgrade and the large use of colour, contrast, and imagery make the game aesthetically pleasing. Along with the graphics, the level design is some of the best the Kirby franchise has seen, as the atmosphere is stylized and tailored to the unique area. It makes everything pop out and you can immediately notice the shift in quality from the 2D levels from the previous titles to this one. The creative freedom is off the charts and it excites you by giving you a wonderful first impression. Although the graphics are pretty, the gameplay is the determining factor and it is where Kirby shines due to its countless abilities/options. At first the copy abilities seem the same, but as you progress you are able to upgrade them to become stronger. They start to gain new, unique attacks and it makes the adventure enjoyable as you can pick and choose which one you want (Creating a broad set of options). The game introduces a new “super ability” called “Mouthful Mode”, turning Kirby into a plethora of objects such as a vending machine, stairs, and even a glider. The levels and these modes coincide with each other and it does not make them out of place. The game is tailored around these options and it makes the player bask in the glory of using them. There is a hefty amount of post-game content and side content that helps sink in more time, especially in the Waddle-Dee Town, the overworld of the story. The countless minigames and the boss rush allow you to fully experience the game’s greatness. Overall, Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a faithful title of the franchise and has created a landmark for a new era of Kirby games.


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