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The Whale

Teen Reviewer - Oscar (Grade 12)

Directed by Darren Aronofsky

I’d rate this movie 2 Stars

The movie is about Charlie (played by Brendan Fraser), a chronically obese College Teacher. He lives alone with his food addiction which has now caused him serious health problems. He exists by teaching online and ordering fast food which is dropped off at his door. His only visitor is his close friend Liz who also happens to be a nurse. 

Liz seems to be in despair of Charlie’s healthy and lifestyle. She is torn, on one hand she is caring for him, but on the other hand adding to his addiction by bringing him large meatball subs. 

After a particularly frightening cardiac episode, Charlie decides he needs to try and reconnect with his estranged daughter Ellie and mend the relationship while he is still alive. 

His daughter is stubborn, angry and initially seems to find Charlie disgusting. She does not sympathize with his size or health problems. Spoiler alert it is revealed that he is paying her money and writing her essays in exchange for spending time with him.  

As the movie progresses we find out that the love of Charlie’s life was a man named Alan that he abandoned his family for. Liz the nurse was Alan’s sister. Alan’s religious upbringing gave him so much guilt over his sexual orientation that he eventually jumped off a bridge and took his life. Alan’s death was the beginning of Charlie’s binge eating.

I did not enjoy this movie and so gave it two stars. The two stars are for the make up and prosthetics that turned Brendan Fraser into a 600lb man. I think the storyline was depressing, unrealistic, and did not show any sympathy to Charlie’s situation. I do not recommend this movie to teens under the age of 15 due to some of the content. 


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