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What’s inside: Reading and research tools for Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 3. Includes text, audio, video and printable activities in an enticing, easy-to-use format.

Where to find: PebbleGo website, or under Kids’ Zone - Digital Library for Kids

Getting started: Introduction to PebbleGo Video 

Devices: PebbleGo is available through a web-enabled computer or on a mobile browser.

PebbleGo makes research fun and accessible for Pre-kindergarten to Grade 3 kids. Colourful visual prompts invite children to explore and discover, whatever their skill level. By selecting one of the five homepage modules (Animals, Science, Dinosaurs, Social Science or Biographies) your child is taken to a selection of subtopics, with further searches prompted by inquisitive minds just a click or tap away. Older children can complete a more targeted search, by simply typing in their search or keyword within a search bar conveniently placed at the centre top of each page.

We found this database did a great job of making information accessible to all. For example, each PebbleGo entry has a Readalong feature – so words are highlighted and then read aloud as the mouse hovers over them. For the reluctant learner, the Games section of PebbleGo can help. Jigsaw puzzles, matching games, and word scrambles are just a few ways to keep thing fresh. The Question of the Day is a unique daily feature, where your child can take a poll – e.g., “Would you like a snake as a pet?” – and immediately see how other users have responded (58% said “no” at last count!).

The related “Articles” and “Activities” and “Media” sections take learning to the next level. For example, a search for “Spring Weather” gave us lots of information, but also provided an activity sheet for outside fun (observing how the ground warms up in Spring) as well as a time-lapse video of spring plants growing. We found PebbleGo to be a fantastic resource for curious minds, whether for school projects, general interest, or a way to bust some boredom on a rainy day at home.

Please note: PebbleGo is an American company, so some content (e.g., Biographies) tends to be more U.S.-centric. No app is available, but PebbleGo can be easily accessed through a mobile browser if you are on the go.

See the Kids’ Zone - Digital Library for Kids section of our Website for more fun and educational online resources.

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