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What’s inside: Watch engaging videos on your schedule and receive feedback from friendly instructors. Track your progress through video courses for personal enrichment in topics like parenting, how to/DIY, pet and animal care, self-help, cooking, and more.

Where to find: Universal Class website | Library online catalogue

Getting Started: Universal Class Getting Started Guide | FAQ

Devices: Can be viewed in a web browser

Universal Class lets you learn at your pace and choose the amount of time you want to spend learning. Choose from ‘video-only course’ (less time) or ‘join certificate class’ (more time).

Video-only courses allow you to ‘audit’ and attend a class informally without formal instruction. Join certificate class offers a chance to apply your learning outcomes; complete assignments, exams, class discussions, and access instructor support and printable materials. At the end you'll receive a Continuing Education Unit Certificate (not the same as a ‘college credit’) on completion with a passing final grade.

Universal Class courses

Search for specific courses using the course catalog search, or browse by topic under I Want to Take a Class in…. Add any of these courses to your My Classes to come back to them later.

There are 31 areas of course study that focus on personal and professional development. There is something for everyone looking to learn a new skill! Browse the featured or popular courses within each area of study or the course recommendations in your ‘My Classes’.

Courses come as videos that are split into lessons. You can view lesson descriptions and course star rating before you take the course. The average course time and total number of assignments and exams for each course are listed for you to decide if the workload suits the learning time you have. Most continuing education courses can be completed within 10-20 hours, or as few as 3 hours.

Universal Class course examples

Please note – You must use this link to access Universal Class: as the library version has a different login page than the regular version.

See the Learn section in our Digital Library for more courses and manuals:

Please contact us if you need help or have any questions:


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