3D Printing

Print 3D objects using plastic filament! Get creative and print anything from figures, phone holders, and jewelry to key chains and basic prototypes.

Available at BPL

Ultimaker 3D printer (Downtown, Painswick)
A small but mighty dual extrusion 3D printer. Find Ultimakers 3 and 3S Downtown, and the Ultimaker 3 at Painswick. 

Cura (all locations)
Ultimaker’s design software, available on all public workstations in the library. Prepare your 3D design and then finalize the design using Ultimaker’s Cura software. Use a computer in Creative Spaces to send your print from Cura to the 3D printer or save to a USB to run the print job. 

Get Started

Helpful links

  • Tinkercad: A free web app used for creating 3D models. A great place to start with 3D modelling.
  • Thingiverse: A website for sharing user-created designs. Open-source designs for sharing and learning.