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Internet Searching

November 15 | 10:30AM to 12:00PM
Painswick | Massie Family Program Room

Join us to learn the basics of online searching. Learn the difference between a browser and a search engine, a directory and a database, and most important: how to find and interpret the best results the internet has to offer.

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Learn Spanish (Reg.)

March 21 | 7:00PM
Painswick | Massie Family Program Room

Tablet Training: Android (Reg.)

March 20 | 10:00AM
Downtown | Georgian Room

Terrific Tomatoes

March 20 | 6:00PM
Painswick | Massie Family Program Room

Photography and Videography: Please note that photos and/or videos may be taken at our programs for promotional purposes. This could include use on our social media, website, and print publications. Please let staff know if you would not like your (or your child's) photo taken.