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This movie is about a country singer named Liam who leaves his wife named Josie. After a couple years of being away, he finally goes back to his home town to suddenly find out that he has a kid named Billy that was only 7 years old, which he never knew Josie had. When he returns to his home town for his best friend's wedding Josie realizes he is at the funeral and is upset. Liam tries to talk to her and she ends up being very angry with him because she hasn’t been able to forgive him. At the time when he left her, he was making bad decisions to drink and do drugs but after his best friend passed away, he started to make smarter decisions. He finally wants to be included in his kids life, but needs to win over Josie and gain her trust. Liam realizes that he has always loved Josie and he wants to start a bond with Josie and his unknown kid Billy.

I really enjoyed watching this movie because it is a romantic love story. It was a good movie that teaches about honesty, trust and being accountable. Liam and Josie reunite and they learn from their mistakes and fall in love. The movie is a feel good movie and would be good for any family movie night. 

People who also might like this movie are people who are feeling sad about their relationship.  It lets people know how hard and different a relationship can be, but if it’s worth fighting for then don’t give up on it. I would recommend this to people who love romance and family movies. I really enjoyed the actors' performances and the happy story.


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