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Good Girl, Bad Blood

Holly Jackson is a pure genius and an astronomical writer. I have to say that this book had complete and utter control over me; I just had to turn the page and keep reading. A follow up of the much-loved book A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder, in this book Pip claims her detective days are long gone, and even has a podcast going, with the help of Ravi Singh. All is well and normal until a close friend of Pip’s goes missing and the police give no input about it because the missing person, Jamie Reynolds, is an adult, and he has a habit of running from home. Pip cannot stand by and wait. With everyone listening, the pressure is on, and time is running out to uncover more twisted secrets that her town has managed to cover up innocently. With the story turning from one point to another, readers will be questioning their own instincts and second guessing themselves over and over again. A phenomenal read for anyone who enjoys murder thrillers and mystery, or Jackson’s previous book. Every good book has an unprecedented ending. One that is memorable and eternal. Holly Jackson serves this feeling, every time.


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