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I have loved all the previous Jackbox Party Packs, and “Jackbox Party Pack 7” by Jackbox Games is no exception!  I rate it 4/5 due to the abundance of quality content in the pack, despite one game being less enjoyable.  It’s a great game to play with friends in person as a game night, or you can even play it online through live streaming on discord.  It comes with five games, one being a sequel (third version) of a popular game of theirs, and three completely new games.  Quiplash three has players creating witty responses to prompts in a series of rounds, and each player must vote between two responses, rewarding points to whoever between the two.  Whichever person earns the most points at the end of all the rounds wins.  The devils and the details is a game that involves a family of devils in a home where you must work together to complete tasks in order to progress, as well as earn the most points.  Everyone earns points based on each task they complete individually, so sometimes selfish tasks appear that earn more money with the stipulation that if you take these tasks it harms your entire family’s chances of progressing.  Possibly my favourite game to play is Blather Round.  There is a series of rounds where one player must describe a prompt using options that they are provided, and the other players have to guess what they are talking about. Players are given points for having their prompt guessed correctly and for guessing prompts correctly. The fourth game is Champ’d up, where players must draw characters that fit a title.  The rest of the players then vote on which character fits the title the most, and the winner is given points.  My least favorite game in this pack has to be talking points.  You have to present a slideshow created by one of your friends, except you have to explain random images in a funny way and it often is difficult to do so, causing it to sometimes be boring.  Almost all of the games are extremely fun to play, which is why I would recommend it for anyone looking for a party game.TLDR:  A great pack (comes with 5 games) for game nights with friends, and I love all the games included with it except for talking points.


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