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Top Gun: Maverick, directed by Joseph Koinski 

Ethan, Grade 12 

Rating 4/5

In this movie the main character Pete (Maverick) Michell was brought back to teach a new generation of pilots to go out into the field. Pete had a bad reputation of breaking the rules so teaching the new flyers was the only way they would let him fly again. Pete really struggled with keeping some of his students to listen to him, as one of his students was the son of one of his old friends that had passed away. Pete wanted to protect the son of his friend, so he pulled the son's application into a pilot program, leading to bad blood between them. Pete was asked to instruct the students to destroy a weapon facility so that they couldn't create nuclear bombs. To do this Pete had to train them to go through a landscape that seemed impossible, then drop two bombs into something the same diameter as a garbage can.

I liked watching this movie. It was fun to watch Maverick try and win over the students to make them work well as a team. Watching the movie although it had a somewhat serious subject it was nice to see how much fun the students and Maverick were having. One thing about this movie is that it seems like it would be pretty hard to understand some stuff unless you have seen the first Top Gun movie. Something that I really liked was the scenes and the camera angles. In all the shots the area and scenery were really pleasing when they were in the sky or just at sunset. It was also fun to see the chemistry between all the characters, you can really tell that they have had a past with each other, and it was nice to see them getting to know each other. It had an interesting story that was able to keep me very entertained and questioning what was going to happen next. 

I would definitely recommend this movie to someone if they are looking for something thrilling to watch. It's a movie that is definitely targeted to more mature and older people with some of its comedy, but it doesn't make it only for older people. Overall, it's a great action movie with a great plot, and some really great actors.


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