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The Mask

Classic of classics. One of the best comedies of all time, without a doubt. It is a complete film. The management is excellent, and the script is fantastic. It would be impossible to pick just one scene from Chuck Russell's best work, but among the best, I would highlight the artistic number Cameron Diaz's character performed in Coco Bongo while dressed like Rita Hayworth in "Gilda," the bank robbery scene, and the scene where the Mask takes out the punk-dressed criminals.

The entire cast, from the main characters to the supporting ones, displayed their talents. With every gesture, every utterance of nonsense, and every act of crazy, Jim Carrey steals our amusement throughout his best performance in a comedy. Given her magnificent figure, her blond hair, and her sky-blue eyes, Cameron Diaz wasted sensuality and charm in her acting debut. Peter Greene is ideal for the role of the villain because all it takes to identify the wicked guy is to gaze at his good face and deep blue eyes. As always, Peter Riegert and Jim Doughan are clunky, but the cops are excellent.

Surprisingly, the film is based on the eponymous comic. Yes, no one, or almost no one, was aware of this. However, since the film was made and because of its mass popular acceptance, the comic has emerged from anonymity in some way. Finally, in one of the comic's deliveries, The Mask shares chapters with none other than the Joker and Batman.

Russell - Grade 12

Rating 5/5 - it’s amazing


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