Wireless and Remote Printing

Wireless and Remote printing - ePRINTit

Need to print from your own device? Now you can with ePRINTit!

Computers, phone, or tablet we have it covered! You don't even need to be in the library to send the print.

  1. What do you want to print?
    Find one or more files on your computer or device that you want to print. 

  2. Go to the Wireless Print Web Portal
    We now have one link for all locations

    Go to the Wireless Print Web Portal

  3. How do you want to print it?
    Select number of copies, page range, black and white or colour and other settings.
    The item waits in the library's printing system without being printed

  4. Go get your prints!
    Once your file is uploaded, go to any library branch within 2 days to print the file from a print kiosk. Staff can help you with this process.
    After 2 days, print jobs are automatically deleted from the system.

See below for guides for releasing your print, or learn more with detailed printable guidestutorials and video walkthroughs at our Digital Library Academy.

Printing through the ePRINTit web portal

You can print from any device at home or elsewhere and have your print jobs sent to a printer at one of our library branches.

Uploading files to the Web Portal is the most flexible way to send printing to the library. You can upload multiple files and adjust printing settings for each file.

Note: Print jobs sent wirelessly should be printed and picked up within 2 days.

Follow the steps below to send your files to our printers:

  1. Go to the Computers and Printing page on the library website

  2. Click the link for the library wireless printing web portal:

    Wireless print web portal

  3. You will be taken to the web portal (We now have one portal for all locations).
    Click Select File to browse for a file on your computer or device. You can also drag and drop your files onto the page itself
    Web portal Upload page with pick-up branch at top of page and Select File button highlighted.
  4. Adjust the Printing Settings for your files, if desired.
    You can select:
    - Number of copies
    - Black and white or colour
    - 1-sided or 2-sided printing
    - Paper size - letter or legal
    - Layout - portrait or landscape
    - Page range - print all pages or only a selection.
    For multiple files, the print settings will appear separately for each file.
    The cost of all prints will be displayed beneath printing settings for the last file.

  5. Add your User Info.
    You must enter either your library card number or your first and last name in the first box in this section. This information helps to find your printing.
    You may also add an email address or cell phone number to get a print confirmation
    User Info section with Card Number box highlighted.
  6. Click Submit.
    Your file has now been sent to your selected library location


Send Print Jobs by Email

You can send your files to be printed by email, instead of using the Web Portal or the mobile app. If sent in this way, the email message itself and any files attached to it will show up as separate files for printing at the library.

This method is a good way to remotely print an email message.

If you only want to print the files attached to an email, you can select only those when you come to pick up your printing. You do not have to print the main email message if you don't want to. 

Sending the Email

  1. Go to your regular email
  2. Open the email you want to print
  3. Attach any files that you want to print
  4. Send the email to one of the email addresses below
  5. You will receive an email confirmation.
    This will display the files to be printed and the Release Code you should use to print the files at the library. In this case, your Release Code is the first part of your own email address (the part before the "@" symbol)


There are 2 email addresses - 1 for black and white printing and 1 for colour:

Black and White Printing: bw-barrielibrary@eprintitsaas.com

Color Printing: color-barrielibrary@eprintitsaas.com

Pick Up Your Printing at the Library

It is possible to send printing from a mobile device or a computer outside the library. Wherever it is sent from, it must be printed from a printer at one of our library branches.

Follow the same process below if you printed from one of the library's own computers.

During curbside service library staff will print files sent wirelessly and bring them to the front desk.

Note: Print jobs sent wirelessly should be printed and picked up within 2 days. After 2 days print jobs are automatically deleted.
Check the library website for our opening hours and for any restrictions on entry into the building. If necessary, staff can assist you to retrieve your printing.


How to Print Your Files

  1. Go to a printing kiosk in one of our library branches
    Photo of a printer and kiosk at the Downtown library.

  2. Tap the screen on the kiosk to wake it up

  3. Select Registered User
    Kiosk screen with Registered User highlighted.
  4. Scan Barcode using the scanner on the kiosk if you used your library card number to identify your files during upload.
    Front of kiosk. The card scanner is near the upper left corner of the kiosk front.
    Or tap Login Without Card. Then type in your name or whatever you used as your user information when you sent in your files
  5. Tap Print
  6. Select one or more files by tapping them on the kiosk screen. Selected files change colour
    List of the files you sent for printing. The top file is a different colour, as it has been selected.
  7.  Add money. You can use the coin slot on the top of the kiosk. The bill slot and the debit card reader are on the front of the kiosk.
    If you use a debit or credit card, it is temporarily charged $20. Any unused funds are refunded after printing
    Front of kiosk. Coin slot on the top at the right. Card reader on the front, top right. Bill slot on the front, centre. Coin return on the front, bottom right.

  8. Tap Print at the bottom right of the screen. The selected files will be sent to the printer 

  9. Tap the X at the top right of the kiosk screen to exit if you are finished

  10. Collect your printing from the printer


Detailed Printing Receipts

If you need a detailed receipt for your printing please ask staff at the main desk. You will need to provide the library card number or name used for the print jobs.