Seedy Saturday

Seedy Saturday - March 2, 2024

Our next Seedy Saturday is set for March 2nd at our Downtown location!

Come out for a fun-filled day and connect with amazing garden, nature and community groups located right here in Simcoe County.

In the meantime, did you know that you can planting native plant seeds now? Native seeds have to go through something called "cold stratification" in order to grow so now is the perfect time to start them on their way. 
For more information on planting native seeds in the winter, see this great video by the City of Barrie and visit Pollinate Barrie for step-by-step resources on winter sowing. 

What is Seedy Saturday?

What is Seedy Saturday (and Sundays)? 

"Seedy Saturdays are a remarkable phenomenon. They are not one event, but a series of separate events, which have sprung up across the country, each individually and uniquely organized under the same general themes of encouraging the use of open-pollinated and heritage seeds, enabling a local seed exchange, and educating the public about seed saving and environmentally responsible gardening practices. They usually occur on a Saturday, hence the name, but also occur on Sundays and other days." Source: Seeds of Diversity Canada .

Learn more about Seedy Saturdays on the Seeds of Diversity webpage 'Everything you wanted to know about Seedy Saturdays'.

  • Seeds of Diversity Canada is a group of seed savers from coast to coast who protect Canada's seed biodiversity by growing it themselves and sharing it with others. Find out how you can support seed saving and local distribution. On their website you will find seed saving resources and a list of Canadian Seedy Saturday events. Using their website, find ways to source local and Canadian seeds from area greenhouses or local vendors or use their online reference guide, the Canadian Seed Catalogue Index or find the best locally adapted seeds in your region with The Ecological Seed Finder.




  • "Borrow" seeds and get your garden growing with the BPL Seed Library located at all library locations in early spring through early fall annually. Also find tips about beginner seeding and reference our seed specific planting guide.


  • BPL's Gardening Buzz programs. These programs are offered year-round during gardening and harvesting seasons outside of Seedy Saturday in March. Learn about upcoming programs in our Events Calendar.

Explore Nature

Bee City

The City of Barrie is proud to be a member of Bee City!

A bee city is a designation that connects people, places and pollinators.

Barrie has been working with residents and community partners to enhance naturalization and pollinator opportunities for the past two decades. Implementation of the Pesticide Reduction Policy in 2003 and the Council adoption of a Naturalization Policy for all city lands in 2007 were our first steps towards a pollinator healthy community.

To learn more about pollinator initiatives and how to make your yard more friendly for bees and other pollinators, visit the City of Barrie website.

Seed Library

Our Seed Library will open again on June 1st, 2024. It's a great way to "borrow" fast growing seeds that can be planted anywhere. Our BPL Seed Library will be available all our library locations.