BPL Online Genealogy Fair

Online Genealogy Fair 2021

Interested in your family history and ready to move beyond what you can learn from your relativesMeet the experts at the Barrie Public Library Online Genealogy FairThis 2-day virtual event invites curious beginners and experienced genealogists to explore a wide range of topics and research areas. 

Join us the evening of Friday, October 22, 2021 and throughout the day on Saturday, October 23, 2021 with Zoom conference sessions and video presentations. The virtual Genealogy Fair will feature expert speakers and highlight relevant topics and Library resources. Bring your research questions and get answers during our online Q & A sessions.

Keynote Speakers

Kirsty GrayResearching Your English and Welsh Ancestry
Kirsty is a professional genealogist and heir hunter who runs her own research company Family Wise Limited. As a freelance author, she has published articles in family, local and social history magazines and handbooks across the globe.

Thomas MacEntee: Turning Genealogy Clues into Genealogy To-Do's
Thomas is a genealogist specializing in the use of technology and social media to improve genealogical research and as a means of interacting with others in the family history community. Founder of GeneaBloggers and High-Definition Genealogy.


We're celebrating Genealogy throughout the month of October! Learn how you can explore Ancestry Library Edition through BPL, and discover our unique resources to get started on your family history search today.