Collaboratory: An Experimentation Station

The Downtown Branch has an experimentation station for adults and teens! Experimenters, makers, innovators and DIY-ers can collaborate in a hands-on environment to learn together, create and try something new.

The space is flexible and features different equipment and tools that change periodically. Interactive programs teach 'making' skills, including art, design and technology.  Staff are available for limited assistance but are not experts, and will learn with you within their abilities.

There is a small fee for using some of the tools and technology. Visit our Print Centre to see the fees and what the cost for your project will be. 

View our Collaboratory Guidelines & Safety Information

Plan your Visit

Drop in when the library is open to try out the Collaboratory tools and get creative with some hands-on fun. See our library hours for times to visit.

Maker Programming

Visit our online calendar to see a list of upcoming programs.

Tools in the Collaboratory

3D Printer (Ultimaker 3)

Our Ultimaker-3 3D Printer prints 3D objects using plastic filament. Get creative and print anything from figures, phone holders, and jewelry to pencil holders or key chains. 

Visit our Print Centre to see any associated fees.

Ultimaker-3 Fact Sheet

Ultimaker-3 Instruction Sheet

TinkerCad Instruction Sheet

Cricut Maker

The Cricut Maker is a fun cutting machine that is great for scrapbooking, crafting, hobbyists, sewing and quilting projects. Come try it out and make some fancy greeting cards. 

Visit our Print Centre to see any associated fees.

Cricut Fact Sheet 

Cricut Instruction Sheet

Sewing Machines

Our computerized sewing machine is ideal for beginners, with a bright LCD display with easy navigation. Come learn how to sew or try basic mending and sewing projects. Some supplies like basic thread colours will be available, but we encourage you to bring your own fabrics. 

Visit our Print Centre to see any associated fees.

Sewing Machine Fact Sheet 

Sewing Machine Instruction Sheet

Vinyl Printer

The Vinyl Printer can be used to print removeable wall decals, stickers, window clings, labels, posters, signs and more. There is a material cost recovery fee for the vinyl printer. Costs are charged based on linear foot of printed vinyl or paper. 

Visit our Print Centre to see any associated fees.

Vinyl Printer Fact Sheet

Vinyl Printer Instruction Sheet Step 1 - Find/import an image

Vinyl Printer Instruction Sheet Step 2 - Prepare an image for printing in Adobe Illustrator (AI) by applying 'cut lines'. There are two computers in the CoLAB with AI.

Step 3 - Ask staff to print

Button Maker

Use our button maker to make 1.75" or 3" buttons or magnets with a few quick presses of a lever. 

Visit our Print Centre to see any associated fees.

Button Maker Fact Sheet 

Button Maker Instruction Sheet

Computers and Software 

Our Collaboratory has two computers available for use with specialized software, including Adobe Creative Suite, CorelDRAW Suite 2017, and LEGO Mindstorms EV3.  
Software & Hardware Fact Sheet 

Cricut EasyPress2

Cricut EasyPress, a heat transfer machine gives you professional iron-on results. Combining the speed of a heat press and the convenience of an iron. We ask that Infusible Ink™ products not be used with the Library's heat press.

Visit our Print Centre to see any associated fees.

Cricut EasyPress2 Fact Sheet

Cricut EasyPress2 Instruction Sheet