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Relevant to Me:

Astronomy: A Student's Journey

September 19 | 10:30AM to 11:15AM
Painswick | Massie Family Program Room

Margaret Ikape, a Masters student in Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Toronto, will be speaking about her research journey into the world of astronomy. She will be talking about the following:

-The universe, how big it is and how it’s still expanding     

-The science behind our solar system and how astronomers are exploring its boundaries

-The galaxies, which are groups of stars that are separated by large areas of space

-How we live in the Galaxy called the Milky Way which is part of a cluster of around 3,000 galaxies called the Local Group

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Youth Book Club (Reg.)

October 11 | 7:00PM
Painswick | Huronia Oral Surgery Group Study Room

Downtown Youth Book Club (Reg.)

February 06 | 7:00PM
Downtown | Angus Ross Room

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