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Relevant to Me:

Around the World: Philippines

November 20 | 7:00PM to 8:30PM
Downtown | Angus Ross Room

Live vicariously through others as you enjoy photos and stories from their travels around the world. Each session features a presentation followed by an opportunity to ask questions.

In 2015, our presenter, Joy, spent three months in the Philippines, much of the time volunteering at an orphanage outside the capital city of Manila. Over the course of her stay, Joy came to learn about the Filipino people and their captivating culture, and had the opportunity to explore her surroundings

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October 24 | 2:00PM
Downtown | Collaboratory

French Connexion

October 24 | 7:00PM
Downtown | Main Floor

Feature Films

October 25 | 6:30PM
Downtown | Angus Ross Room

DIY Open Hours

October 27 | 1:00PM
Downtown | Collaboratory

Photography and Videography: Please note that photos and/or videos may be taken at our programs for promotional purposes. This could include use on our social media, website, and print publications. Please let staff know if you would not like your (or your child's) photo taken.