Cosplayer Application Form

Thank you for your interest! This application is for Cosplayers seeking to be a VOLUNTEER Cosplay Featured Guest at our BPL Comic Fest. We anticipate 500+ guests, predominantly families with children. 

We welcome cosplayers of all backgrounds, genres, and areas of expertise to apply. Our goal is to create a fun family-focused event where young people can meet Cosplay characters and discover how they can get started in the creation of costumes and participate in the culture. 

Stay tuned for details on BPL Comic Fest happening in September 2024.

Comic Fest Cosplayer Application Form

Do you have a primary genre that you cosplay?

If you do not have social media or an online portfolio, please email a photo to


BPL Comic Fest Agreement

  • This event is a family-friendly, all ages event. All cosplay characters must be suitably dressed for a General Audience.
  • Confirmed cosplay characters are expected to attend the event and remain in public view for a minimum of three hours. A break room will be provided.
  • Solicitation of event participants is prohibited, as per our event guidelines and Patron Conduct Policy. Cosplayers are expected to pose for pictures free of charge and only when requested by a participant.
  • Photos and videos will be taken at the event and used by the Barrie Public Library for promotional purposes as required.

By checking the box below, you agree to the terms listed above.