BPL Online Comic Con

2020 Barrie Public Library Online Comic Con®

As a precaution to COVID, our 5th annual Barrie Public Library Comic Con® will be offered online with videos and Zoom conference Cosplay Fan Meet-ups, Artist Presentations and more! Our online cosmic comic con will be hosted on Saturday, September 19, 2020.  Explore the virtual vendor market and artists interviews, Caped Critter facebook contests, and activities designed for superheros of all ages. 

Comic Con 2020 Postcard

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Online Schedule

Visit our Online Event Calendar - September 19th to access links to our video programs and live Zoom conference rooms. 

10:00 am Superhero Storytime 
10:15 am  MacLaren Art Centre - Make a Comic Book
10:30 am  Purrfect Capes for Cats 
10:45 am  BRICKAWESOME Build 
11:00 am  Kristen Kiomall-Evans - Artist Talk 
11:15 am  Winston Cooper - Prop Making Workshop 
11:30 am Speed Draw Anime
12:00 pm  Loc Nguyen - Digital Artist 
12:30 pm  Druids, Authors and Artisans 
12:45 pm Dragon Egg and Wand Crafts 
1:00 pm  Daniel Shaw - Artist Talk 
1:15 pm  Andre Campbell - Artist Talk 
1:30 pm  Drawing House Demo 
2:00 pm  Cosplay Fan Meet-Up 
2:30 pm  Cosplay Panel Discussion 

Cosplay Panel

Learn from a panel of experienced cosplay characters, discuss costume and prop making, best Cons to attend and local meet-up groups. Join moderator Ed Campbell, of Snowhawk Cosplay. 

Snowhawk Cosplay
SnowHawk Cosplay is a Barrie area cosplayer who has been cosplaying for over 6 years.  His work has been featured twice on Marvel.com for "Costoberfest" and has been involved in various events like the Niagara Falls Santa Claus Parade and the Guelph Santa Claus Parade.

Heather Armstrong
Heather is best known to local Cosplayers as Wonder Woman. She also has a great interest in the renaissance, and has been attending renaissance fairs in the U.S. since 2003.

Ryan Parent
Ryan is a cohost of the True North Nerds podcast.  He has cosplayed as a Ghostbuster at the past two BPL Comic Cons.

Shop Online - Comic Con Vendor Market

Celebrate and support our vibrant community of makers. Browse the virtual market by looking through our list of vendors. Click on the links to shop online. Quote 'BPLCON20' at checkout, in their comments box or when contacting the Maker for shout-outs, savings* and fun! 

*Vendors offering Comic Con discounts are noted.

  • Alchemist and Druid Formulations - Alchemist & Druid Formulations is a two-woman creative team from Ontario, making comics, illustration and prose. We like to dabble in different genres, including fantasy, horror, romance, and biology education; themes we enjoy include historical and/or Canadian settings, twists on classic mythology, and LGBT+ casts. We collaborate heavily on all aspects of our projects, from idea generation to the final product.
  • Qarradune Books: Perspective Book Series - The Perspective series, by Barrie authors Amanda Giasson and Julie B. Campbell, follows Megan Wynters and Irys Godeleva on a fantasy adventure as told from each woman’s point of view. Megan is a Canadian without any idea as to how she arrived on the world of Qarradune. Irys was born on Qarradune, but her sheltered life has kept her from ever seeing any of it.  In the first three novels of the series, "Love at First Plight", "Second Wind", and "Third Time's a Charmer", these young women discover hidden strengths within themselves as they face warring nations, capture, and enslavement. Seeking to discover the truths hidden in this world's ancient past and complicated present, they meet the heroic Knights of Freyss and the magically enhanced Warriors of Kavylak and find that good and evil are not as obvious as they seem. **Special coupon code BPL2020 to save 20% off the complete series so far (ebook set download).**
  • RAVEFIRELL - Offering prints, charms, stickers and enamel pins. Meet-ups and drop-offs of items, email RAVEFIRELL@HOTMAIL.COM to schedule. 
  • True Creations - At True creations every item is handmade by me! All fabric and yarn are sourced from Canadian manufacturers and distributers and that means more money is staying in Canada to support our community. Find everything from crochet play food, dice bags, hats and scarves, scrunchies, fabric face masks and more.
  • XII: of Magic & Muses - Kristen Kiomall-Evans is an artist and animator currently working out of Barrie, Ontario. She works as a full time developer for virtual simulations and e-learning. In her off time, she focuses on publishing her own comics: XII: Of Magic and Muses. A story about magical girls taking out militarized conspiracies at xiicomic.com, as well as three anthologies – Threads, Threads: A Gallery of Rogues, Threads: Haunted as a member of the Spiderforest Comic Collective.
  • Zodiac Awakening - Zodiac Awakening is a YA Fantasy Novel that is planned to be a 23 book series. Currently with Three books of Zodiac Awakening and three books of Elements of Wakan (Prequel to Zodiac Awakening). 
  • Naomi Hopper - Doodle Bugs are small characters drawn in the kawaii and chibi style. For those who are unfamiliar with these terms, kawaii (Japanese for cute) is an art style of characters that have giant eyes, made in rounded shapes, and simplistic features are hallmarks of one of the cutest forms of art. Chibi (Japanese slang for short) is a more detailed style of kawaii art. Some drawings done are original characters, while others are characters from movies and TV shows. These characters have been placed on bookmarks, postcards, pillows, posters, stickers, bags and more.

Comic Con Reading Club

Add some bang, pop or pow to your reading this September and join our Comic Con Reading Challenge. Read comics, graphic novels or other books and earn badges and become a Super Sonic Reader!

Register today! Using the Beanstack Tracker App  

1. Download the BEANSTACK TRACKER APP  on Play Store or app store 

2. Touch Find Your School or Library. Type in “Barrie Public Library.” Select Sign up! 

3. Add you email, name and password 

4. Create your Username 

5. Select Add a Reader for additional family members.  

6. Select Challenges at the bottom of the screen and register. 

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Social Media - Caped Critter Contest

Your pet is a superhero! Show off by posting a photo or video of your pet in a costume or performing a super trick, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for all the details. Winners will receive a $50.00 PetSmart e-Gift card, perfect for spoiling your favourite hero. Hurry, contest closes Monday, September 14th at midnight.