About Dragon Boat Racing

What is Dragon Boat Racing?

Dragon boating is an exciting team water sport that is uniquely accessible. Paddlers sit in pairs, reaching forward simultaneously, to plunge their paddles into the water and move the boat forward. As the paddling technique uses a core twisting motion in a seated position, it is accessible to a wide range of athletic abilities.    

The Basics 

Dragon Boat racing originated in ancient China, using long boats adorned with brightly painted dragon heads and tails.   


Each boat holds 20 paddlers, with a drummer up front setting rhythm, and a steersperson at the back keeping the boat on course.   


Four teams race at a time, over several heats throughout race day, with a winner emerging based on fastest time. Paddling in unison is the goal and is essential to maintaining speed throughout the race. The festival race length is 300 metres which requires over 2 minutes of continuous paddling. Building up endurance over the summer practice season is a great way to feel prepared for race day!