cloudLibrary Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloudLibrary?

cLoudLibrary is a large collection of eBooks and eAudiobooks for adults, teens, and children.  All titles are downloadable to your eReader, smartphone, or tablet and can also be read directly from your computer using the cloudLibrary desktop app.  

How do I access cloudLibrary?

Access the webpage here to download the Desktop App to read on your PC or download the cloudLibrary Android or Apple app for your device.

Where can I go for help with cloudLibrary?

Library staff are available to provide assistance in person, by email, or by phone. 

Help guides for ebooks, audiobooks, and downloading content from the cloudLibrary desktop app to your eReader are available on our website. We also have videos showing use of cloudLibrary with different devices. 

CloudLibrary also offers a number of how-to-videos, user guides, and additional information about common issues on their website.

Why is BPL moving from Libraries on the Go OverDrive to cloudLibrary?

Barrie Public Library is always on the lookout for new & exciting opportunities to provide a great service experience. The group of five libraries who built Libraries on the Go on the OverDrive platform decided to transition over to cloudLibrary after much consideration. We acknowledge that the landscape for digital content consumption is rapidly changing, as are consumer needs and expectations. We know that there is an increasing demand for more: more titles, more copies, and more content overall.

Thanks to a continuously expanding cloudLinking consortium of Ontario public libraries, Barrie Public Library members can benefit from a rapidly growing collection with greater selection and more 'available now' titles from which to choose. With the goal of developing a larger digital collection alongside more than twenty other participating cloudLinked libraries, we will strive to provide our valued members with more digital content and an improved service experience with cloudLibrary.

Can I download and transfer eBooks through cloudLibrary to my eReader? How does this work?

Yes, depending on your device*.  The cloudLibrary website maintains an up-to-date list of supported devices. 

Once you have checked out a book using cloudLibrary Desktop App (Windows OS/Mac OS), you can transfer a copy to your eReader. To learn how this works, please see the cloudLibrary Computer and eReader help guide. You can now use either Kobo or compatible Nook e-readers.

Note: When you first use the cloudLibrary Desktop App, you will be prompted to activate your cloudLibrary account with an Adobe ID or an automatically generated cloudLibrary ID after you log in. It is important that the PC and the eReader have both been activated with the same ID.

If you will only be using cloudLibrary (without OverDrive): When you log in to the cloudLibrary desktop app, choose the recommended option to "automatically generate an ID." Note that if you have used OverDrive in the past, Adobe Digital Editions can be uninstalled from your computer if you experience any conflicts with the cloudLibrary Desktop App.

If you will be using both cloudLibrary and OverDrive: You must have both the cloudLibrary desktop app and Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer. When you authorize the cloudLibrary app, do not use the recommended instructions to "automatically generate an ID." Instead, choose "explicitly provide an Adobe ID", and enter the same ID that you have used for Adobe Digital Editions. Some computers may recognize your ID automatically, and you can simply click to activate the detected ID.

*cloudLibrary is currently not compatible with Kindle Paperwhites or Kindle Apps. If you would like to read eBooks from the library on your Kindle, please email and request that Amazon allow compatibility with cloudLibrary.
The version of the cloudLibrary App for Chromebooks does not have the option to transfer to an e-reader.

Will my holds automatically be transferred from OverDrive/Libby to cloudLibrary?

No. Your holds from OverDrive/Libby are unable to be automatically transferred to cloudLibrary. We encourage you to switch over to cloudLibrary to start placing holds on titles. The newest digital titles will be available only in cloudLibrary. If the title you're looking for isn't in our collection, you can let us know by suggesting a title for purchase.

Why do some titles 'disappear' in cloudLibrary?

Barrie Public Library has partnered with over twenty public libraries across Ontario to form a cloudLinking consortium. This consortium allows participating libraries to pool e-book & e-audiobook collections together on cloudLibrary, providing a greater selection of titles and more 'available now' copies to library cardholders.

The reason why some titles may seem to 'disappear' in cloudLibrary is because they belong to another library within the consortium and have been borrowed by their members. These titles will reappear once they are returned and available to borrow again. All titles owned by Barrie Public Library remain visible, borrowable, and holdable on cloudLibrary regardless of their availability status.

'Saving a title for later' within the app will help to keep track of your favourite books, even if they are checked out by others and disappear from the search screen.

When I search in the cloudLibrary app or website, am I searching just Barrie Public Library's books?

No, when you search in the cloudLibrary mobile or desktop apps, or on Barrie Public Library's page on, you will discover available e-books and e-audiobooks from all of the partners in our cloudLinking Consortium. 

If you search in Encore, our library catalogue, you will only find cloudLibrary titles owned by Barrie Public Library.

How do I suggest a title for purchase in cloudLibrary?

In the both the cloudLibrary desktop and mobile apps, select the Suggestions for Library view under Filters, search for your title, and click on the Suggest to Library button.  Each account may suggest 2 titles for purchase each month. 

The Library does not have the resources available to purchase all suggestions and will follow our Collection Development Policy when selecting titles.  

Will I be notified when a cloudLibrary eBook or audiobook I have on hold becomes available for check out?

When the title is returned to cloudLibrary, a message will appear in your Message Center telling you the item is available for downloading.  You will have four days to download it before the hold is removed.  You may also sign up to receive an email notification when an item on hold is available by entering your email address in the Email notification tab of Account Profile settings.

cloudLibrary Email notifications


Why should I manually return my ebooks and eAudiobooks?

At the end of 21 days, your items will be automatically returned; however, you do have the option to return them early when you are finished with them.  To return an item manually using the mobile app, go to My Books, click on List View, and select the book you'd like to return.  

There are two reasons to return items early: 

  1. You may have twenty concurrent checkouts and returning an item provides space to check out another.
  2. It is a courtesy to others who are waiting to enjoy the book that you just finished.  If you have the book checked out, no one else can read that copy.  Just like a physical book, the book is unavailable to others when it is checked out:  one copy, one user.

Can I add multiple library cards to the mobile cloudLibrary app?

Yes!  You may add additional library accounts to the mobile app. Go to Account - View Cards and tap Add New in the top right corner.
You may switch between library accounts within the cloudLibrary Mobile App and you can 'lock' an account with a PIN number if you wish to restrict access to it within the app. To do this tap Options on the image of the library card and select Lock.

What do I do if the cloudLibrary desktop app goes 'offline'?

Occasionally, the cloudlibrary Desktop App may display Offline in the top right corner of the screen. When the app is offline, you will not be able to browse or check out items and also cannot play audiobooks.
First, check that your computer is connected to the internet.
After checking that your computer is online, click on your barcode, which should be visible in the top right of the Desktop App, and select Logout. This should refresh the app and bring it back online.

Can I transfer my e-audiobook from my Mac or my PC to my MP3 player?

No. Both the PC and MAC version of the app stream the content and do not download the entire audiobook file to the computer. CloudLibrary does not permit transfer of the audiobook file.

Audiobooks require that the computer be connected to the web during playback; however, mobile devices can download eAudiobooks for offline use.

What is a 401 error?

If you receives a 401 error message when trying to check out a book or when attempting to log into the app or website, it may indicate that library fines are over the borrowing threshold (currently $10). Log in to Encore or contact the Library to verify the details of your account.

What does an E_ADEPT error message mean during download or transfer between computer and e-reader?

This may be due to an authorization mismatch between the computer and the e-reader. This can be solved by clicking your barcode in the top right corner of the cloudLibrary Desktop App, then click Log Out. Log back in if necessary. This should refresh the app and restore the downloaded book.

If this persists, you may need to de-authorize the Kobo e-reader in Settings-Accounts-Deauthorize on the Kobo itself. After doing this, try transferring the book from the computer to the Kobo again. The Kobo should adopt the Adobe ID or cloudLibrary ID used by the computer.

Number of copies available on online catalogue

When looking at a cloudLibrary item on our online catalogue, the number of available copies displayed reflects the total number of copies of that item shared between all libraries using cloudLibrary in Ontario. The number of copies directly owned by Barrie Public Library may be fewer (see example below).

The number of Holds displayed represents our patron holds only. Holds can only be placed on items that are directly owned by Barrie Public Library.

 The full range of shared e-books and e-audiobooks from partner libraries can be searched through the cloudLibrary app or at

Audiobook playback stops or skips

Several users have reported playback stopping or skipping unexpectedly when listening to audiobooks on the Android version of the cloudLibrary mobile app.
CloudLibrary have acknowledged that this is a known issue and their technical team is working on an update for the app. (10/24/2019)

Audiobook is not downloading or only streams from mobile app

If an audiobook seems to download to the mobile app but whenever it is opened, it defaults to streaming content instead of using a downloaded copy, go into Account - Cellular Data Usage and switch off the Streaming Audio option, while ensuring that Downloading Audio remains switched on.

Download Failed - Android Devices

If you get the Download Failed message or are otherwise unable to download items to the cloudLibrary App on your Android device, you may need to give the app permissions to access device storage.

On your Android device, go to Settings - Apps, select the cloudLibrary app, go to Permissions and turn on Storage.

Borrowed items not visible in library account

If an e-book or e-audiobook is borrowed using our online catalogue or the cloudLibrary Mobile App, the item should appear in the user's library account under My eBooks, after they login through our online catalogue or our website.
However, if the item was borrowed on the website or the cloudLibrary Desktop App, the item will not display in a user's Encore account.