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Get live online study help from a professional tutor (disponible en français).

Ask questions or use the extensive library of lessons, practice tests and study aids on academic subjects from Kindergarten to post-secondary. Receive advice on writing style and live help with English and French language learning.

Adults can also find learning and career resources. These include resume writing, Microsoft Office help and preparation for the Canadian citizenship test.

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Mango Languages


Learn over 70 languages through interactive lessons and activities, including Spanish, English, French, German, Korean – and even Pirate!

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LEARN | Courses, crafts, how-to guides and more


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Create professional maps and reports using demographic, business and marketing data. SimpyAnalytics has the data you need to answer key research questions, make sound business decisions and understand the socio-demographic and economic conditions of any area in Canada. Now includes COVID-19 Outbreak - Canada 2020 data.

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Note:  The Publisher has provided temporary 24/7 remote access due to disruptions caused by COVID-19. We recommend a laptop or computer to access this database. 

Regular Access is limited to use within the library during business hours. Remote use is permitted; 7pm to 7am weekdays and open access on weekends. Please log out of SimplyAnalytics promptly, our subscription is limited to 5 simultaneous users.