Artist Works LogoWhat’s inside: Online video music lessons for a variety of instruments and music styles for all learning levels. Also includes vocal lessons. Tutorials are led by some of the most sought-after musicians and teachers in the music field.

Where to find: ArtistWorks website, or under Digital Library - Learn

Getting started: Introduction to ArtistWorks video

Devices: ArtistWorks is available through a browser on your computer or smart device. 

With 36 clusters of lessons, the music can be inside us all using ArtistWorks! An easy-to-navigate website and a group of talented professional musicians as instructors guarantees fun to be had and minimal frustration within this online video music lesson platform.

The home page will find you choosing your instructor and viewing a wide array of musical instruments. ArtistWorks boasts a roster of lessons for over 15 different instruments and a variety of genres (e.g., for guitar you can choose between Rock, Classical, Acoustic, Jazz, Blues or Electric). Within each suite of study, you can choose your level - from Beginner/Fundamentals to Intermediate or even Advanced - depending on the teacher. Each level is further broken down into a series of short, accessible lessons.

One cool gem we found essential to our learning process: using the video loop. As the video lesson plays, users have the option of looping a section of the video and playing along. Since repetition is one of the best ways to practice, this is terrific. You can click the 30 sec. button to jump back 30 seconds, and then click and drag the red banding arrows to set a start and end point for a loop.

Please note: There is no app available, but ArtistWorks can be easily accessed through your mobile browser if you are on the go.

Don’t forget: BPL has a musical instrument library! Search myBPL for musical instrument to see what’s available and place your hold. Choose from ukulele, acoustic guitar, keyboard, bass guitar, electric guitar, viola, violin, or mandolin. Use ArtistWorks to get started on playing almost all of these instruments! [note: the only lesson ArtistWorks doesn’t have is viola lessons] 

See the Learn section of our Website for more artistic and educational online resources!

Please contact us if you need help or have any questions: by email at or call 705-728-1010.