Donations & Fundraising

Public funding supports libraries, but often it is private gifts that make them flourish.

The Barrie Public Library is supported in part by municipal tax dollars, but in order for us to do more to meet the needs of our community we need your help.

We are a registered charity and support the Donor Bill of Rights.

Our Charitable Registration # is 106773716 RR 0001.

Donate Online

Direct Donation

Donate Online 

Donate Online

Donate by mail or in person

Complete a Donation Form and bring it in to either branch or send it to us by mail:  

Barrie Public Library
c/o Community Engagement
60 Worsley Street
Barrie, ON L4M 1L6

Material Donations

Note:  The Library is not currently accepting donations.  This note will be removed when we are able to resume accepting donated materials.

The Barrie Public Library is happy to accept donations of materials that meet our donation guidelines. We’ll accept up to 3 boxes of books at a time at either branch. If you have potential donations that fall outside our guidelines, please call our Volunteer Office at 705-728-1010 ext. 2266. 

Planned Gifts

Unexpected gifts to Barrie Public Library are always appreciated but a well-planned gift can often be more effective, for both you the donor and for the Library. A planned gift is a charitable gift that you plan for now, but is not received by the Library until later.

Most often, planned gifts are made in the form of a bequest through a will. You can set aside a specific dollar amount, leave a percentage of your estate, or leave any assets left over after you have provided for your family.

Gifts of life insurance
Life insurance policies can outlive their need – for example, policies taken out to protect mortgages that have since been paid or educational plans that have been completed. By transferring ownership and naming the library as beneficiary, you will receive a tax receipt for the cash surrender value of the policy.

Charitable remainder trust
Transfer your assets to a separately managed trust fund that provides you with an annual payment for a specified period of time. At the end of that time, the trust property passes on to the Library.

In Memoriam

Traditionally when a friend or loved one passes on, flowers are sent to the family of the deceased. In lieu of flowers, many people prefer to make a donation to a not-for-profit organization as a permanent way to pay tribute. An In Memoriam donation to the Barrie Public Library is a meaningful way to pay tribute to the memory of someone who cared about their community.

When we receive In Memoriam donations, we respond to each donor personally. We also send a letter to the next of kin, keeping them up-to-date with all donations that have been made in memory of their loved one.


By keeping the principal intact and only spending the interest, endowments become a permanent source of money for new, innovative projects as well as our current programs.  An endowment enables you to make the most of your donation by maximizing tax deductions and investing the dollars wisely.  Your principal investment will continue to grow and generate further investment income every year. 

K’Leigh Cundall Children’s Library Endowment Fund
In 2007, an endowment was gifted to the library in honour of K’Leigh Cundall, a lifetime book lover and supporter of the library. K’Leigh’s family wanted any memorial gifts to be used for children’s services, and the money is used to add children’s books to our shelves and equipment to our children’s programmes and services. K’Leigh’s memory and name will always be alive here in this building - and in our whole community - through her love of books and libraries. Thank you to the Cundall family for choosing to honour the Barrie Public Library with this endowment.  


William C. Porter Library Endowment Fund
In late December 2006, the family of long-time library supporter, Bill Porter donated $10,000 to establish an endowment fund to benefit the Barrie Public Library. Bill was a very dedicated board member, serving on our Board of Trustees from 1989 – 1991 and from 1997 to his death in April 2006. Bill Porter was a strong believer in public libraries and an enthusiastic supporter of the Barrie Dragon Boat Festival. We thank the Porter family for choosing to honour the library in this way.


Gift of Securities

Donate your marketable securities or mutual funds to Barrie Public Library. It is much easier than you may think!

Using CanadaHelps, your gift will be processed safely and effectively within 3 - 5 business days. By donating to Barrie Public Library, it becomes a win for everyone; capital gains is eliminated, leaving Barrie Public Library to receive the current market value and in return, you are awarded with a charitable tax receipt for the donation amount. See an example below from our friends at CanadaHelps:

CanadaHelps Securities InfoImage Credit: CanadaHelps (For more information on how you can increase your impact, please click here.)

If you are interested in donating your marketable securities or mutual funds, Barrie Public Library encourages all donors to discuss giving options with your Financial Advisor.  

When ready, please complete this form to get started.

Giving Tuesday Campaign

Celebrate Giving Tuesday with your Barrie Public Library!

Those looking to support a local cause during this year’s Giving Tuesday movement can feel good about supporting the Barrie Public Library. As a Giving Tuesday initiative, the Library is launching its Books Across Barrie campaign to further expand its Visiting Library Service (VLS) home delivery to local homebound adults, seniors and seniors’ residences. This new campaign initiative is supported through the Library's Resiliency Fund which was established to provide support for the challenges that lie ahead and help serve the evolving needs of residents throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the campaign (November 23, 2020 to December 4, 2020) each $30 donation will buy the program a new weather-proof book bag our volunteers use for deliveries. As demand for our VLS deliveries goes up during the COVID-19 pandemic, so does the need for durable, easily sanitized bags for those deliveries.

On behalf of the Library and the many patrons who rely heavily on the Visiting Library Service, thank you! We greatly appreciate your support.

Click here to donate online to our 2020 CanadaHelps campaign: 

BPL Fines Free Campaign

Public libraries aim to provide equitable and accessible service, and the Barrie Public Library has taken a monumental step in advancing that goal. Effective July 1, 2020, the Barrie Public Library Board has approved the removal of late fines from borrowed materials returned after the due date.

Over 11,000 Barrie Public Library members had their accounts blocked due to fines with 2,200 of those accounts belonging to children and teens.

These families were no longer able to access books and resources that promote lifelong literacy, when research clearly identifies that literacy development is closely linked to interactions with books and reading in the early years.

Our goal is to efficiently serve as many patrons as possible and ensure equitable access to our entire community.

For those who wish to celebrate this milestone with us, we invite you to pay your fines forward by making a gift in support of the Library's Resiliency Fund.

The Resiliency Fund has been established to provide support for the challenges that lie ahead and help serve the evolving needs of residents throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This supports the Library's Fine Free initiative.

On behalf of the Barrie Public Library, thank you for joining us on this journey and supporting us while we rebuild our services in a way that makes us more relevant, more efficient, and better than ever!

Click here to donate online to our BPL Fines Free campaign: 

Ways to Donate

We thank and appreciate the generosity of our donors. Your support helps ensure our long-term financial stability. We recommend that you discuss any gifts with your professional advisors in order to make an informed decision.

Learn more about supporting your library

For more information about giving to the library, please contact Katelyn Lees, Philanthropy & Resource Development Specialist, at 705-728-1010 ext. 2230 or