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Monami Ghosh, Grade 11

I give this movie a 3.8 out of 5

This movie takes place in Nevada and starts out with a huge destructive thunderstorm. 10 people are gathered in a motel in the middle of nowhere, with the phone broken, broken walls, and pipes that are leaking. As the story progresses they start to slowly figure out that something is seriously wrong with the place and people start disappearing out of nowhere which leads to a lot of suspense and fear. At the same time in another setting, A serial killer is being treated by a doctor and things start to go wrong there too. 

            This movie is something that I haven’t really seen being done before, it was completely new and different. The twists and turns made me anxious and I just wanted to figure out what was happening as there were so many questions that were not being answered. I loved this movie, it was really short but it revealed a very interesting and intriguing story and it was amazing that it was able to keep up the anticipation till the end. It was a movie where you had to use your brain and really keep up with what's happening and put the puzzle pieces together one by one, you had to figure it out along with the characters and that was really cool to experience. I loved the way it gave enough information to keep you wanting more but not enough for you to really figure out what was going on so you kept watching till the end. The ending is something that was not expected at all and I love movies that catch you off guard and completely take you by surprise, so this movie was a great one.

            I would recommend this movie to people who are looking for one that has a lot of adventure and one that needs a lot of figuring out what is happening and a lot of putting two and two together. It includes a lot of action and mystery along with suspense. Anyone who loves psychological thrillers would love this movie as this is one that completely engages your brain and makes you really think hard about everything in order to solve the puzzle.



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