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Chainsaw Man Volume 1 Review

About Chainsaw Man

Written by: Tatsuki Fujimoto

Illustrated by: Tatsuki Fujimoto

Published by: VIZ Media LLC

Genre: Shonen Manga, Dark Fantasy

Original Release: October 6, 2020

Pages: 192

Rating: Older Teenage Audience



This story takes place in a world filled with humans, devils and fiends following a poor boy named Denji who would do anything to get money so he hunts devils for money so he can pay off his mountain of debt to the Yakuza that he inherited, after he gets betrayed he gets a new power and becomes Chainsaw Man.


My thoughts on Chainsaw Man Volume 1

I thought that the first volume of Chainsaw Man was very good it does a good job at making you feel for the main character Denji and his very unfortunate situation he is in from the debt over over 35,000,000 yen (which is over 300,000 Canadian) he inherited from his family, and with the Yakuza constantly being on his back to get their money from him he has a hard life and can’t enjoy things like a decent breakfast or sleep because he loses almost all of the money he earns from a job from his debts and bills which leaves him with a very small amount of money to feed himself for a week. 



Overall Chainsaw Man volume 1 was very enjoyable to read and I think that anyone who likes reading dark fantasy, or post apocalyptic stories should definitely try out Chainsaw Man and read volume 1 as Chainsaw Man is a very good series and I would give Chainsaw Man volume 1 a 8/10.


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