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Nancy Drew is this sweet, caring, compassionate, friendly, intelligent and curious young girl of 18 years old and she is an amateur detective. Nancy Drew currently lives with her father (Carson Drew) and her Housekeepers/Caregiver (Hannah Gruen.) Nancy Drew's father is actually a criminal lawyer which means that she gets the opportunity to help him on some cases that he needs to investigate and solve. Nancy loves solving mysteries in and outside of her community (River Heights) and she usually goes on these adventures with her friends and family. It definitely takes courage and persistence to solve these puzzles and this is exactly what Nancy Drew does best. Despite the challenges and issues that come her way she and her friends are able to get to the bottom of this case and solve this mystery. This book series not only talks and shares Mysteries that Nancy solves but it also has a very realistic sense because once you're reading you feel as if you are directly intertwined within the book. In this story, Nancy Drew goes on an adventure to solve a mystery with her two best friends (Bess Marvin) and (George Fayne.) This mystery involves a sketchy house with peculiar pictures and images and a crooked staircase/bannister. There's also a robot in this house which leads to danger and threats. Nancy needs to find the missing owner of the house, since he is wanted by the police. I really enjoyed reading this interesting and unique book and I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in Puzzles, Mysteries, and riddles. 


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