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It is now time for that warm, comfy, brightening and cosy weather. Now is the time to get outside, enjoy yourself, run around and really get energised for this summer. It is now the time to get some fresh air and to really bond with nature during this special season. Summer is the time to just kick back, relax, chill out and have a great time and share great experiences with close ones. This is my favourite Summer playlist to get you ready for the summer mood. Not only is it the time to enjoy the great and bright weather but it is also the time to listen to some very energetic, upbeat but also relaxing harmonies. This playlist features so many different, unique, and talented artists that specialise in the country genre. Some examples of the amazing artists that are on this track is; Chris Janson, Connor Smith, Jackson Dean, Mackenzie Carpenter, Tyler Rich, Justin Moore, Thomas Rhett, Florida Georgia Line, Ray Wylie Hubbard, and so much more. There were so many different messages perceived in each song, even though it still is the Country genre. A few titles listed which are a part of this mix are; Brave Girl, Never Wanted to be that Girl, Project, You're Not Alone, Naturally Wild, Circles, Separate ways, Fall in with me, Love you Madly, She said, Blood in the water, The Title, Pretty Vicious, and so many more amazing tracks made and fabricated from so many skilled songwriters, singers producers, etc. I really enjoyed how each song was different from the other but they all came together to create a cohesive mixture. I would recommend this compilation to anyone who is interested in Country music and to anyone who is ready for the Summer. 


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