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            My name is Emilio and I would rate the game Monster Hunter Rise a 4/5 due to its addictive gameplay and substantial quality of life changes improving the flow of the game. Monster Hunter Rise is developed by Capcom as an action-role playing adventure game being the second Monster Hunter game on the Nintendo Switch. The protagonist has been promoted by the Guild to become a Hunter for Kamura Village. You are guided by the Wyverian twins, Minoto and Hinoa as they escort you to the village leader in order to take down the monsters. Along the way, the village notices the various threats that approach it and you are tasked to protect it for their safety. Upon first impression, the game looks beautiful in its own right but looks even greater compared to other Nintendo Switch games. In the biomes and the specific locations such as the Kamura Village, it is clear that there is a graphical markup. The level design is open for you to move around and as the player traverses the area, they absorb the beauty of the wilderness. There is a notable vibrance in colour and it makes the atmosphere pop out. Although the most important aspect is the gameplay, they have fleshed it out to the fullest potential. The game is made to be played at a faster pace especially with the ability of fast-travel and the wirebug. The wirebug makes fighting much more fun as you sling yourself around to move swiftly. Each weapon has their unique traits and there are special abilities that make them strong. However, the gameplay shines in the midst of combat, especially during a boss fight. No matter if it is a large monster, an elder dragon, or even a small wyvern, you are in for a fun battle. The large wyverns are terrifying and it motivates you to take them down. The pure satisfaction that is hunting a large monster and succeeding is massive and it fixates you to fight more. This is where the addicting gameplay is present as the risk-reward gameplay is greatly rewarding. The soundtrack also complements these fights as the triumphant orchestral themes pump you up so you do not lose. Although one problem that is shown within the game is that there is nothing much to do after the game. There are the village quests and the gathering hall quests but overall there are not many things after that. Side-content is not that present in the game as there is more main story content. Overall, Monster Hunter Rise may not have much post-game content, but the addictive gameplay is what makes you come back to play it.


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