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Student: Harrison 

Grade 10

The Incredibles

“The Incredibles” is a 2004 children’s animated film made by Disney and Pixar, written and directed by Brad Bird. It was/is to this day highly successful and critically acclaimed for its fun, snappy story, diverse animation and charming characters. The family dynamics in this very original superhero film are one of a kind, and each character gets their time to shine and time to grow in the space of nearly two-hour runtime. The film takes place in a world where superheroes have been outlawed and made illegal by the government, and centers around some of those same defunct heroes. Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are now retired superheroes with a full-on (secret) superhero family, comprising Dash, Violet and baby Jack-Jack. Mr. Incredible finds himself missing the golden days and works in private with his friend Frozone monitoring police radio channels. His wife does not approve of this decision, as she has accepted their new way of life and strictly works towards building a family. Our titular father lets his old dreams get the best of him though and is contacted by a secret super-agency. He finds himself accomplishing everything he could ever dream of, and his whole life couldn’t be better, at home, or at… work. But he falls into a trap with his new employers, and that leads to Elastigirl and his family having to take drastic measures. Mrs. Incredible was not aware of this super activity the whole way through, mind you. What ensues with Syndrome, the leader of the secret agency which employed Mr. Incredible and the rest of the family’s desperate plan for a rescue will rock the super family’s work and test their strengths and their bailey for survival. Even the children will learn a great deal about who they are and where they might have to step up. The movie conveys an effective narrative with good, animated superhero fun for people of all ages to enjoy. Characters are compelling and allow you to laugh with and root for each one of them, and understand the strong motivations of Syndrome, a younger figure from Mr. Incredible’s past. I would score the movie an 8/10 overall, a true Pixar classic, one of the best. You can’t ever go wrong with it. You can’t deny it’s great animation (for 2004 that is, some of the shots don’t quite hold up to today’s standards, which would be my only critique), stellar characters and voice acting and a solid, fun story, not to mention memorable music as well. “The Incredibles will forever be an overall great animated film.


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