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It’s Not Summer Without You Author: Jenny Han Reviewed by Natalia (12) 3/5 Much like the first novel, The Summer I Turned Pretty, this second novel in the trilogy, It’s Not Summer Without You, is a coming of age novel about family, love and friendship. This second novel continues to revolve around Belly and teenage experiences. The novel starts with the passing of Susannah Fisher. Everyone is still healing from the shocking events from the previous summer while trying to move forward with life.Susannah’s passing has deeply affected Belly and the boys - Jeremiah and Condrad, as well as Belly’s and Steven’s mom and Susanna’s best friend, Laurel.

This summer is not the same as summers in the past as things have changed in the wake of Susannah’s death. Laurel decides they will not be going to the beach house this summer, and this does not go over well with Belly. Having the strong desire to see Jeremiah and Conrad, she goes to Cousin’s Beach anyway despite her mother not wanting her to go

Belly is hit with a plethora of emotions as she continues to struggle with her feelings for both Jeremiah and Conrad as well as Susannah’s death. This summer's not without its share of drama as secrets from the Fisher family past comes to light. The three friends grow close again and continue to face the challenges of self-discovery. Belly reconnects with her old friends from the summer before and makes new friends.

Belly and her mom get into a heated argument at the beach house when Belly wakes to find her mom the next morning. Laurel gets really upset with Belly and an argument ensues. Belly is ultimately angry with her mother as she feels her mother was not present, emotionally, after Susannah died.

The Beach House on Cousins Beach serves as the setting for overcoming heartache, growth and grief for Belly and the crew.



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