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The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes


Grade 10

5/5 stars

“The Inheritance Games" by Jennifer Lynn Barnes is a thrilling and fast-paced novel that had me at the edge of my seat from the first page. The characters and the plot are well thought out and it perfectly mixes mystery, romance, and family drama. I especially loved the puzzles and the plot twists. Every chapter brought a new surprise.

The book is centered around a young and intelligent young girl named Avery Grambs, who unexpectedly inherits billions of dollars after being named in Tobias Hawthorne's will.  As Avery's suddenly thrust into the wealthy world of the Hawthorne family, she is faced with complex clues, riddles, and challenges to try and discover the truth behind her inheritance. Each chapter reveals new information about the Hawthorne family and their secrets. 

Jennifer Lynn Barnes' writing style is unique and engaging, which allows the reader to immerse themselves in the book and try to uncover the mystery themselves as they read. She had me eagerly turning the pages to try to find answers. I could never get enough. I was captivated by the well-developed plot and the very likable characters. 

I also really liked how the chapters were the perfect length. They weren't long to the point that I felt overwhelmed, but they weren’t short enough that the story felt underdeveloped and lacking depth. Barnes managed to find a happy middle in each and every chapter. I found it really motivating and it was easier for me to keep reading. 

I recommend this book for grades 6 and above. Everything in this book is pretty PG, but there is a bit of romance in it. “The Inheritance Games” is perfect for anyone who’s looking to get immersed in a good mystery story. I don’t have anything negative to say about this book.


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