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Book: A Silent Voice. 1

Author: Yoshitoki Oima 

Name and Grade: Nathan, (Grade 11)

Rating: 5/5

This comic book was very enjoyable to read and is a great book for when you just want to look at some photos and really get a grasp of its amazing illustrations. In this book you are following the life of a boy named Shoya and suddenly a new girl arrives at his school. Shoko is deaf and transferred to this school because she got bullied at her last. Her new school experience is not as different from her last. Explore the interactions between the two characters and watch as Shoya finally grows as a person and realises that he should have been a better person towards Shoko at the very end. This book highlights the struggles of bullying and teaches a young audience on the importance of being kind to each other. My favourite part of the book was the way they illustrate the characters' emotions through drawings. I always love picking up and reading a comic book once in a while because it gives you a break from long chapter books. This book is based off a movie that I have previously watched but is very much more in depth due to the amount of books in the series. I really enjoy reading the books as well as the movies, so I can compare the differences. I am looking forward to getting the other books and continuing the story. This book is targeted towards teenagers and young adults who are looking for an interesting, sad, heartfelt, comic book that you can't put down. Overall, this book has gotten me attached to this series and eager to continue on. I definitely recommend it.


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