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Novel: This Savage Song  

Author: V.E Schwab 

Name and Grade: Muskan, (Grade 11)

Rating: 5/5

Safety is never guaranteed in this city scattered with war, fear and hate. Each of these two young adults have something to prove to people they admire. When the city is divided into a gruesome and futuristic sense of America, monsters of different breeds immerse from the shadows and feed on the innocent and the guilty. Kate Harker, a young 16-year-old girl, needs to subtly intimidate her menacing and politically powerful father who controls the vicious breed of monsters inhabiting the city, the Malchai. On the other side of town, another story unfolds. A story about a young boy named August Flynn, who belongs to the breed of the Sunai. Monsters who have the terrifying ability to use music and draft your soul away from you. Kate sets fire to her boarding school to send a message to her father that she isn't happy there, meanwhile, August finds a tunnel leading to the opposite side of the area and attends Kate’s school under a secret identity; ‘Freddy’. When they eventually meet outside of the school it all comes down to a young girl and young boy who must figure out to either become mortal enemies or friends that stick through thick and thin. And remember, there is everything on the line, and everything to lose.


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