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Tombquest: The Final Kingdom 

Author: Michael Northrop

Jessica Grade 12

I would rate this book a 4/5.  This is the final book in the tombquest series.  Alex had finally located the lost scrolls and the long search that nearly cost him his life was over.  That was until the order also located where they were and took the scrolls for their malevolent plans.  The order captured all of them and threw them into cells with little food and water.  After the order had taken the scrolls Alex and his friends thought that the order was going to destroy them and prevent them from sending them to the afterlife, but they ended up using the scrolls instead.  The order's leaders turned themselves into vicious monsters and used the scrolls to raise the dead and take over the world.  The only way to save the world now was to travel to the afterlife and take the scrolls back.  They knew their journey to the afterlife was not going to be easy, but they didn’t expect to see the gods of the underworld.  They tried to cross the water to get to the scrolls but Anubis, the god of death, forbade them to cross the river.  Even though he was only speaking to them they could all feel the god’s power.  From that point on their journey only got harder.  All of the death walkers they had sent back to the underworld were protecting the place where the scrolls were, as well as extra alligators that were guarding the moat. This book definitely had a satisfying ending which was very pleasing to read.  This was probably the best book in the series for being the most clever thinking and satisfying.  I would recommend this series to anyone who loves ancient Egyptian history, action and adventure.


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