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Lego Jurassic World 

Developper: TT Fusion

Jessica Grade 12 

I would rate this nintendo switch game a 3/5.  This Nintendo Switch game is based off of the Jurassic world movies.  It is an adventure game and has the option for at least up to two players.  This game starts off with a story mode that explains what our characters are supposed to do and how to play.  The archaeological guy is to find any clues or fix things when in adventure mode, and the construction worker is to fix machines with electrocution.  They are both used even though one might be playing on solo mode because the game was designed for two people.  It is very interesting to play between two different players, but this can also make it confusing.  When I was playing you didn’t always know when you were supposed to switch characters or what exactly the goal was at the time.  The general goal was always clear but the little steps in between were not clear.  I think if the game had more guidance then it would make it much more fun because I often felt confused while playing the game. I would recommend this game for anyone who likes dinosaurs and adventure games for ages 5 and up.  The classic lego style is perfect because it doesn’t make the dinosaurs too scary for any of the younger kids, but realistic enough where you can identify the dinosaurs.  The adventure mode part of the game is really good for kids too because it has lots of different things to do.  Some parts are more parcour when other parts could be solving puzzles or building different vehicles. 


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