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Directed by: Ruben Fleischer

Jessica Grade 12 

I would rate this movie a 2/5.  This movie is based on the video game series uncharted.  Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) was a young bartender who had a secret life of thievery/ treasure hunting.  As his first big treasure hunt, someone named Sully reached out to him to assist in the battle of the Magellan’s pirate treasure.  They were up against the most fearsome people to get the treasure.  This powerful man had a whole army behind him to help his findings, and to get rid of any threats as well.  The movie portrays how treasure hunting is a tricky business as people get greedy and want things for themselves.  They had amazing and the best similarities to the video game scenery wise.  Most of the action parts as well as the soldier characters were spot on to the game.  The only problems I had were the inconsistencies to the plot from the video game to the movie, they didn’t match at all.  In the game, Sully and Nathan Drake’s relationship was built on trust and Nathan looked more at Sully as a glamourous father figure, but in the movie it was pretty much the complete opposite.  I don’t think the chemistry between the main actors was quite there at the level of how it was in the video game.  Another thing that I wish they had done was go one video game and storyline by one because they were mixing all of the treasures and storylines together.  Having the video game knowledge in my head but then seeing them jumbled up into one made it difficult for me to follow at some points.  I think this was also unwise of them to do because they were making another uncharted anyway, so it would have made sense if they did it in order.  I would recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure and finding treasure movies.  However, I would not recommend this movie to anyone who loves the uncharted video game because I feel like they would be upset with the inconsistencies. 


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