Multicultural Book Club Kits

Multicultural Book Club Kits

Books are a great way to learn about and gain appreciation for other cultures! In an effort to celebrate Simcoe County’s diversity while providing a resource for building cultural competency, Simcoe County Libraries have teamed up to provide book club kits with titles designed to educate and enlighten readers from all backgrounds.

The themes of inclusivity and tolerance are central to all the titles. They feature multicultural characters who face inter-cultural challenges. Titles include popular novels such as Kite Runner, as well as foreign-language international titles that have been translated into English.

The kits are designed to spark conversations about inclusion and acceptance within books clubs and groups of friends across Simcoe County. The kits are available for loan to members of any Simcoe County library, including BPL, through an online booking system on the Simcoe County Libraries Multicultural Book Club website. Bookings can be made up to one year in advance. Check the calendar on the website for availability.

Each kit consists of ten (10) copies of the book, discussion questions, and a canvas book bag. Replacement fees will be charged for any book or canvas book bag that is not returned.  The kits circulate for six weeks with no renewals and can be picked up at either BPL location with your Barrie Public Library card.  Note: you must have a membership with the Barrie Public Library to pick up these kits at the Barrie Public Library.

There are currently just over 30 kits and Simcoe County Libraries intend to expand on these kits with time. They plan to include titles and authors from as many cultures as possible so be sure and check back often for new titles and authors! In the meantime, if you have suggestions, please email them to