Visiting Library Service

Visiting Library Service is a free service available to anyone in Barrie or Oro-Medonte unable to visit the library in person. Staff will help you make great selections, and our volunteers will deliver the library materials right to your home! 

You can use Visiting Library Service on a temporary basis if, for example, you are recovering from surgery, at home with multiple newborn babies or housebound in the winter. 

How to register

If you or someone you know can make use of this service, please call us at 705-728-1010 ext. 2820 or email us at

Some specialized format items are available for those who find it difficult to use standard print material. Please mention any special requirements you might have when you contact us.

We're seeking volunteer drivers

We need drivers to deliver books in Barrie and Oro-Medonte. If you can spare around two hours every three weeks, you can make a difference to those who are homebound and unable to visit the library in person. Volunteer application forms are available at either branch or on our Volunteers page

To learn more about this position, please email