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Reviewed by: Alena, grade 12

Elevation takes place in a small town called Castle Rock, and it revolves around Scott Carey, an overweight man, as he manages his strange condition that goes beyond the human experience. He is steadily losing his weight everyday but not his mass, and inanimate objects become weightless for the amount of time that he comes in contact to them. His new neighbours Deirdre McComb and Missy Donaldson have troubles of their own as they struggle to keep their Mexican restaurant going with the prejudices they face around the conservative town as a married lesbian couple. As Scott battles his unworldly predicament, he forms an unlikely alliance with the couple and tries to help them get through their battles too.

This book is a bit different from King’s usual horror and thriller novels that I am used to reading, but his familiar writing style and search for answers to life’s unanswerable questions gripped my mind no less than any of his other great books with supernatural and mysterious elements. Although the story doesn’t have the same intensity of suspenseful elements as his other works, this novel leaves you to feel every other kind of emotions, as it is a story filled with optimism and sadness. I have caught myself smiling and grimacing more than a few times throughout my experience while reading this book, and it’s been a wonderful journey of experiencing another one of King’s masterful craft. I would give this book a 5/5, and I recommend it to readers who are looking for a heartwarming and uplifting quick read.

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