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Reviewed by: Ava, grade 10


Lindsay Boxer, a homicide inspector from San Francisco, is put to the test when newlyweds start getting murdered after she is diagnosed with Negli’s – a rare type of aplastic anemia. When all police leads fall through and no suspects are found, Lindsay joins forces with Claire, Cindy, and Jill. Together, the medical examiner, reporter, D.A, and cop form the “Women's Murder Club.” The group of four use their individual and unique skills to solve the case before anymore couples turn up dead. With the help of Lindsay’s partner, Chris Raleigh, and each other, they catch the serial killer tormenting the city.

This story is a rollercoaster ride. It shows you on the highs and lows of being a homicide inspector. From investigating the scene to catching a criminal, you see it all. Not only does it depict the highly demanding career of the female protagonist, it shows the personal struggles of an ill person and how that affects her day to day life. It provides an inside look into her life that tugs at your heartstrings. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the novel. The emotions that it explored was very unique for a murder mystery story. The tale was taken places that I did not expect and the plot twists were always unpredictable.

I would most definitely recommend this book to others. The story is not necessarily for younger audiences as it discusses mature subjects and includes some inappropriate language; however, it was overall a fantastic novel. If you enjoy thinking that you have everything figured out, only to discover that everything you thought you knew was wrong, this is the novel for you.

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