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Reviewed by: Brooklyn, grade 9


Nick and Valerie are considered strange. They keep to themselves and don’t talk to many others. As a joke, the two of them compile a list of people and things that they hate – or at least Valerie thinks it’s a joke. Nick takes the list more seriously. When he brings a gun to school and begins shooting people – people from their list – Valerie feels extremely guilty. When she puts herself in front of his next victim, forcing him to confront her and the terrible act he is committing, he feels no remorse or compassion and shoots her in the leg. Valarie struggles to face the fact that she might have been the reason that this all started and has to face her family and the rest of her school. 

This is a heart wrenching story that forces the reader to think about long term consequences and effects of our actions. Unfortunately the issue dealt with in this story is still a very current global problem. It provides insight into the life of a teenage shooting survivor and deals with real thoughts, emotions, and additional problems such as bullying and depression. 

This book deals with some very heavy subject matter. Main topics discussed throughout the story are violence, suicide, and depression. Because of the severe importance and maturity of these issues I would only recommend this book for a very mature audience.

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